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The School if Inner Engineering

Welcome to the Happiness Academy

Happiness Academy is NYC based school for top performance in life. It is the go-to place for life mastering, helping overworked entrepreneurs, purpose seeking millennials, troubled souls, or anyone that needs some love & happiness, and turning them into mindful warriors that face life with humor, love & greatness.


Eye-opening lessons that will point you in the right direction, to unlock your secret powers and face those dark corners of the mind.


Experience deep states of relaxation through guided mind pausing sessions, which you will be able to replicate at any moment.


Learn everything you didn’t know about your health and diet, discover ways to cure almost any condition with food.


Replacing the stories that you have been telling yourself with new concepts of self-perception, and ensuring you believe in them.


Watch you career effortlessly unfold as new insights into personal strength and acceptance ripple through your work and ambitions.


Working towards your new mission, you will get out of the depression cycle and rediscover life again.


Discover love within you, instead of looking externally, and it will come effortlessly. Transform into that person everyone enjoys being around.


Learning principles of self-analysis and reasoning, to face challenges at the core of the problem, removing those self-sabotaging thoughts.


You will never see the world with the same eyes, with your new mindset the new era begins – an era of happiness.

How much of your time is invested in happy moments?

With the majority of your time spent on essential tasks such as working, sleeping and eating, there is not much time left over to devote to yourself. According to our study, after accounting for these essential tasks, individuals without children have, on average, 3.25 hours for themselves per day - meaning 13.56% of their time. If we consider the average lifespan of people (70 years) and the fact that only 13.56% of the time you get to devote to yourself, not much is left. The counter below illustrates how much personal time a 32-year-old has remaining to invest in themselves. Our approach is to guide you on how to enjoy every activity you engage in and increase your "happy time" to the maximum. The power is in your hands.

Average Lifespan
Remaining Time
Time to “Waste”
Time to be Happy
Relationships-VP-Finance Industry
I used to be closed and had a hard time showing how I really feel, it felt like I had a façade. In this class, I’ve experienced unimaginable activities that opened my eyes. I now have the ability to speak my mind and build close relationships without fear of being judged or rejected. I would recommend this class to everyone because it literally changed my life. Full Video Testimonial - LinkedIn Profile  
Majla, VP Finance Industry
Stress and tension that were deeply rooted in my mind isolated me from activities outside of work.  I used to come home filled with tension and often felt like I don’t have time for anything.  To be able to clear my mind from unnecessary thoughts significantly improved the quality of my life and work. The class changed my life, and now I feel like I have superpowers. Video Testimonial - LinkedIn Profile
Kreso, Head of Finance ZARA US
  A job as a Business Strategist was something I dreamed of since I can remember but got rejected many times as I had no prior experience. It created lots of anxiety. The class changed it by 100%. Not only that it helped me to get that job, but I’m also able to meet my challenges with more positive, focused attitude and a very peaceful mindset. LinkedIn Profile
Gisela, Strategist, GetSuperScript