A transformational journey to success and happiness.

We all know how to be happy – but to apply it in practice is where we struggle.

My personal journey includes years of research on mental models for growth, spiritual philosophies, and human behavior through corporate training and coaching.
Our personalities are a product of our past experiences and the conditions we have been exposed to. What if there are ways for you to accomplish what you dream of?
What if there is a way to shift your personality to set yourself up for success.
Read on to learn about the ways I have achieved resiliency in my life and the ways I can help you do the same.

professional background

I have held strategic roles in Human Resources working for Fortune 500 companies like ZARA US and FedEx.  I designed and implemented a number of training and development programs to increase stress resiliency and success at workplace.  My work, developing and leading Innovation Thinking and Mindfulness classes has helped hundreds of people achieve balance in life and a positive work environment in companies.

In consulting role for BMW North America, I have implemented technologies and cross-functional solutions to decrease costs by improving productivity and organizational processes.

I now dedicate my time customizing coaching and educational strategies for corporations, groups, and individuals.  Based on neuroscience and scientific research, these practices increase self-awareness, enhance focus and concentration, enable greater perspective, generate more thoughtful decision-making, and provide pleasure and fun.

I have provided strategic coaching and delivered dozens of training programs in diverse corporations and industries.

These include large corporations I worked at, like ZARA & FedEx, and also fast growing companies like Seeq Labs, Sure Done, Frog Design, Clause, Reboot, SuperScript, and ACME.

I was also involved with a non-profit organization, Henry Street Settlement with their Young Adult Internship Program, helping young and underprivileged adults to create a better future through learning habits for success.

Ula Mikus - Innovation Thinking


I hold an Executive MBA Degree from Cotrugli Business School, where I won a scholarship for attending the program.  I am a Certified Human Resources Professional and currently enrolled in Columbia University Executive Coaching Program starting this fall.

I was also trained by and have been powerfully influenced Mike George, bestselling author, spiritual teacher, executive coach and a creator of the “7 Myths About Love”.

Ula Mikus - Innovation Thinking


I am a researcher, change agent, and knowledge seeker who has spent years in high-performance environments developing and promoting innovative solutions for success and happiness at workplace.

When I first started my career, I was very ambitious, eager to succeed and thought I could change the world. Often exposing myself to stressful tasks with short deadlines and business travel that took a toll on my physical and emotional state. I took on roles and responsibilities I was not emotionally ready for, and at age 26 I crashed and burned.

My early childhood experiences were affected by the physical, economic, psychological and spiritual consequences of a single mother that was struggling with raising two children. I was not frequently exposed to kindness, praise, loving support, or healthy coping mechanisms. Deep shame about my circumstances created a lack of trust in others.  That led to an unwillingness to admit or examine my experience with anyone who was in a position to help me.

I was neglecting the fact that I was struggling with suppressed emotional pain and trauma combined with work overload. I was looking for solutions in all the wrong places. Often I kept myself distracted with activities and events that kept my mind occupied. Until one day I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and developed severe anxiety, followed by depression.

My life depended at that point on learning new skills and allowing experienced people to help me. Desperation created enough willingness to do whatever it took to recover and live with more stability, confidence, and ease. Since then, I have applied everything I learn to my professional and personal life, and treat myself as an ongoing experiment.


For years I’ve been researching on personality formation, studying behaviors and techniques that can transform the mind.

This opened a doorway to learning and growing, from embracing the growth mindset to applying design thinking methods for my personal problem-solving. I believe I’ve developed a universal formula for a real breakthrough on purpose, love, and success.

Over the last 7 years, I used similar techniques to create or enhance wellness and resiliency programs in global corporations.

Research on brain plasticity confirms that based on our perception of an event, our brain creates neuronal pathways that shape our direct experience.  Therefore, we have the power to decide how we feel in certain situations.

Although we expect from our jobs, families or communities to provide us with happiness, meaning, material success and security, we alone are responsible for creating our own experiences.  It is why I dedicate my time to encourage others also to build their awareness, inner strength, and courage- and help create healthier environments.

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.”

Albert Camus


Jasmine Torok Happiness Academy
Jasmine Torok
Marketing Strategist
Mindful marketing guru, with an ability to move masses with the power of digital media. Previously worked at ZARA US. An expert on personal growth that helps people turn ideas into reality.
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Dijana Galijasevic
Organizational Development
Positive business developer and a playful spirit. Graduated from top schools like Columbia, ESADE, and SDA Bocconi, she teaches businesses on behavioral science and best practices for success.